Memorable CSI Dialogue

sumber dari sini

Dialog di bawah ini diambil dari CSI season 1-season 6 yang lagi gue tonton. Berhubung enggres gue kurang ciamiks, gue ngerti tapi gak bisa nulis lagi dialognya per sentence. Pas gue google eh ternyata ada, yo wis gue copas aja.

[Grissom admits to a mistake]
Gil Grissom: What?
Nick Stokes: Well, it’s just that most people don’t admit to being wrong.
Gil Grissom: I’m wrong all the time. It’s how I get to “right”.

Catherine Willows: So, any luck with the blood and hair samples I gave you?
Greg Sanders: Don’t insult me. Luck is only for those without skill.
Catherine Willows: Spoken like a man who’s never hit the jackpot.
Greg Sanders: Sad, but true.

Gil Grissom: What you do on your time is your business. What you do on my time is my business.

Greg Sanders: All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy.
Gil Grissom: All play and no work makes Greg an UNEMPLOYED boy.

Catherine Willows: If something doesn’t feel right to you, it usually isn’t.

Nick Stokes: There’s a sucker born every minute.
Gil Grissom: Yeah, and they all come to Vegas.

Nick Stokes: People are pigs.
Gil Grissom: Don’t insult the pigs, Nick. They’re actually very clean.

Sara Sidle: So what is it?
Hodges: Give me some time, I’m not a miracle worker.
Sara Sidle: Well, that’s obvious, Hodges, or else you wouldn’t be rude.
Hodges: I wasn’t being rude, I was being curt. Rude would be “When I know, you’ll know.” Friends?
Sara Sidle: No.

Greg Sanders: Hey Catherine, you think Sara would go to dinner with me?
Catherine Willows: Sure, as long as you don’t tell her it’s a date.

Gil Grissom: The rich are just as depraved as the poor.

Captain Jim Brass: What are you doing after work?
Gil Grissom: More work.

Sara Sidle: Clothing, $85. Earrings, $30. Latte, $4. Getting away with murder…
Gil Grissom: Priceless.

Gil Grissom: So, let’s see. You surf, you scuba dive. You’re into latex, you like fashion models and Marilyn Manson. And you also have a coin collection?
Greg Sanders: Weird, ha?
Gil Grissom: Well, I race cockroaches!

Gil Grissom: Did you hear the one about the cop and the monkey who go into a bar?
Catherine Willows: I’m not in the mood.
Gil Grissom: Neither was the monkey. šŸ˜†

[liquid from the trunk of a car containing two corpses splashes up onto Greg’s face and into his mouth]
Sara Sidle: Technically, that makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud.
Greg Sanders: Grissom would have tasted it on purpose. šŸ˜†

Catherine Willows: Lovers and co-workers, that never works.

[identifying an insect at a crime scene]
Gil Grissom: Dermastidae masculatus.
Sara Sidle: That’s Latin for “You’re hiding a dead body.”

Warrick Brown: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
Gil Grissom: The winner?

Gil Grissom: Where’s your enthusiasm?
Greg Sanders: Whenever I find a match in here, my world gets a little smaller. Out there I felt large.
Gil Grissom: Out there means a pay cut.
Greg Sanders: I’m not about the money.

Gil Grissom: There is always a clue.

Gil Grissom: I tend not to believe people; they lie. The evidence never lies.—> this is epic! Me likey šŸ™‚
Cinta lah gue sama kepinteran si Gil Grissom ini :*


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